Growing Partners is a partnership of non-profits and service agencies dedicated to implementing sustainable local food programs that reach all incomes, ages and cultures.

After coming together in 2004, Growing Partners secured funding from the USDA’s Community Food Project Competitive Grants Program to initiate and lead the La Plata County Food Assessment, the first official community food assessment project to be done in the state of Colorado.

The food assessment identified the current needs and resources of the local food system, developed a community-based definition to address and improve community food security in La Plata County and proposed a series of diverse food projects to address the issues identified.

In May of 2009, Growing Partners received a second Community Food Project Competitive Grant to work on the food projects developed as part of the food assessment process and evolved into a much larger, more diverse partnership.

2009-2012 Growing Partners Community Food Project (CFP) involves collaboration of over 20 non-profits and service agencies, all working to implement sustainable local food projects that address food security for underserved* populations in La Plata County.

* Who is ‘underserved’ in the La Plata County food system? The La Plata County Food Assessment identified 6 demographic profile groups to have the least overall access to healthy, local, affordable, culturally-appropriate and sustainably produced foods in La Plata County: school-aged children, teens, seniors, Native Americans, Latinos and low-income families.

Goals of the 09-12 Community Food Project

1. To improve access by underserved populations to high quality, local, culturally-appropriate, and affordable foods;
2. To empower underserved populations to grow their own food and improve their nutrition; and
3. To ensure long-term food security for underserved populations through direct involvement in food production, networking, training, planning, and policy work.

Project Partners

Healthy Community Food Systems

The Garden Project

Turtle Lake Refuge

Southern Ute Community Action Program

La Boca Center for Sustainability

Southwest Marketing Network

Fort Lewis College, Environmental Center

Colorado State University Extension, La Plata County

Share Our Strength’s Operation Frontline

Community Connections

Manna Soup Kitchen

The Unity Project

El Centro de Muchos Colores

Los Companeros

9-R School District

Ignacio School District

Healthy Lifestyle La Plata

San Juan Basin Health Department

La Plata County Senior Center

Durango Farmers Market

Healthy, Local Food Newsletter:
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SUCAP c/o Katy Pepinsky, Project Manager
PO Box 800
Ignacio, CO 81137
Phone: (970) 375-7705

This project is made possible by The Community Food Project Competitive Grants Program of the United States Department of Agriculture & the incredible dedication and hard work of numerous individuals and partner agencies.