Welcome to the HCFS Website. We are a small non-profit located in Southwestern Colorado and a partner of the Southwest Marketing Network. Our mission is to help communities build healthy sustainable food systems* through effective systems planning and development.

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Native American Gardens --- Native American Topics page --- Food Safety Resources --- Farm to PreSchool Page --- Links to Jim Dyer’s Getting Serious Now website --- New Farm to School Resource Tool booklet --- “Connecting the Dots” report on using local food to fight climate change.

Southwest Colorado page: (includes info useful anywhere)

  • Mesa Verde Food Guide
  • Local Food Initiatives & Groups
  • Land Link & Beginning Farmer
  • SW Colorado Farm to School
  • Local Food Policy and more
Food System Tools: 16 Free Resource Tool Booklets on many topics

Plus: Climate-Friendly Food - Farm to School - Wild School Gardens - Policy

Food System: A food system, as we use the term, is everything involved in getting food to people — from farm to plate and beyond.